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Monday, 17 October 2011


"Nigger in a straitjacket with feet in concrete"
Say the White Supremacist Racists



The series is known for portrayal of BBC employees such as Radio 4 newsreader Brian Perkins as a Godfather-like figure ("Who's the daddy?"), controlling all Radio 4. He sends death threats to other members of the BBC, and threatens to kill anyone who chats up Charlotte Green. In one sketch, the Dead Ringers Perkins telephoned the real Perkins, the impersonator accusing the real Perkins of not being "hard" enough. Perkins joined in, claiming that he once put colleague Peter Donaldson's feet in concrete and threw him into a canal. The Perkins character was written by Jon Holmes although he claims he was simply transcribing overheard threats from the real one.

Dead Ringers (comedy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The United Races Racial Democracy "Negated Swastika Royal" for Black Banking in the White Deficit.

Safe Banking is Racial Banking

The impregnable Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) and the invincible Black National Party (BNP) manifesting the POWER of The Almighty, humbling White Pride from the moral high ground in glory and majesty before the Most High!