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Monday, 31 October 2011


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To: csr.jobs@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk; amy.hepple@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

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Subject: Racial Equality Inquiry HM Revenue and Customs
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 11:07:49 +0100

Dear Amy Hepple - Recruitment Team,

Thank you for your reply.

Please would you forward this email to the correct person at HM Revenue and Customs who can email me all the minutes of the meetings at HM Revenue and Customs where the specific subject of Racial Equality at Senior Management level has been mentioned or discussed over the last few years.

Please treat this as a Freedom of Information Act request.

Kind regards

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Subject: Freedom of Information Request - Acknowledgement
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:35:34 +0100
From: foi.request@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk
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020 7147 0406 020 7147 0666 27 October 2011 FOI 2528/11 Your ref
Thank you for your communication of 26 October 2011 which has been passed to HMRC’s
Freedom of Information Team.
We have allocated the above reference which you should quote if you need to contact us.
The Team will arrange for a reply to be sent to you which will either comply with HMRC’s
obligations under Freedom of Information Act or, if we think it’s an enquiry that we don’t
need to address under the terms of the Act, let you know why. If it is the latter we will, if
possible, pass it on to a more appropriate part of the Department for answer.
Yours sincerely
Freedom of Information Act Team


Information is available in large print, audio and Braille formats.
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FOI Acknowledgement Letter V1.1

Freedom of Information &
Data Protection Act Team
Room 1C/25
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The impregnable Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) and the invincible Black National Party (BNP) manifesting the POWER of The Almighty, humbling White Pride from the moral high ground in glory and majesty before the Most High!



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Freedom of Information Act 2000

Friday, 28 October 2011


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  • To say one's accounts are "in the black" is used to mean that one is or "no longer in the red", or free of debt .


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Your ref is --------------------------
Please tell us this number if you get in touch with us.

Stratford Benefit Centre
9 Elms Lane
SW95 9AB

Our phone number is: 084 600148
Date: 21 OCT 2011

Deductions from Jobseeker's Allowance

We have been deducting money from your Jobseeker's Allowance. The amount will change from 20/10/11.

Details of the deduction(s) that has change is shown on the enclosed page(s).

How much we will take from your Jobseeker's Allowance

This table shows the deductions that will be taken from your Jobseeker's Allowance.

Date deductions start

Date deductions end  19/10/11

Total weekly deductions

The above table cannot show more than six changes to the amount being deducted from your Jobseeker's Allowance. If there are more than six changes, tables on the attached pages will show how they affect each type of deduction.

If there is no final date in the 'date deductions end' column then the deductions will carry on.

Deductions from Jobseeker's Allowance

Details of the deduction/s are shown in the table/s below.

Jobseeker's Ref No: 09240644 HC

We have been taking money from your Jobseeker's Allowance for fines. We will stop taking money because:

we can no longer take this money from your Jobseeker's Allowance. We will stop taking the money from 19/10/11. If you want a full explanation please get in touch with us. Our phone number and address are at the top of this letter.
You must get in touch with GREATER LONDON HMCTS straight away to arrange your payments. We have told them we will stop taking money from your Jobseeker's Allowance.

How much we will take from your Jobseeker's Allowance

Date deductions start 03/03/11

Date deductions end 19/10/11

Weekly current amount

Weekly arrears amount £5.00

Total weekly amount £5.00

At 20/10/11 you will still owe £85.

If there is no final date in the 'date deductions end' column then the deductions will carry on.


Safe Banking is Racial Banking


Unfinished Business?

The impregnable Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) and the invincible Black National Party (BNP) manifesting the POWER of The Almighty, humbling White Pride from the moral high ground in glory and majesty before the Most High!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


and the

"We have a Racial place reserved for you among the favoured Races!"

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural and Nurtural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

The seven laws listed by the Tosefta and the Talmud are[7]
  1. Prohibition of Idolatry
  2. Prohibition of Murder
  3. Prohibition of Theft
  4. Prohibition of Sexual immorality
  5. Prohibition of Blasphemy
  6. Prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive
  7. Establishment of courts of law


"We have a Racial place reserved for you among the favoured Races"

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Role of White Supremacy in the Political and Religious Economy.



The Role of White Supremacy in the Political and Religious Economy.

1. What is the role of White Supremacist ideology in the Political and Religious economy?

An important function of White Supremacy, like the banking system, is to intermediate between promise makers (borrowers) and believers (investors, lenders). In the simplest terms, racist organisations, borrow trust from believers (investors) and make promises (projects), at a risk to faith and trust in White Supremacist ideology, to create and maintain power. In this way racist organisations help mobilise the trust and faith of people for productive use in the economy. Racist Institutions provide efficient apparently risk-free power (violent support) back-up and other controls to individuals, groups, businesses, banks and nations.

2. What is the role of the White Supremacist world elite with regard to the system of Institutional Racism?

The White Supremacist World Elite (WSWE) are the designers, promoters, financers, maintainers and enforcers of the global system of Institutional Racism with their non-white allies and hostages. They, like the White banks of this White World, provide settlement of obligations between racist organisations against security of certain people's lives or deaths to help racist organisations manage their public relations. White Supremacist, racist organisations normally plan ahead to hold power sufficient to meet expected disagreements, but if they need more power (violence) on a given project they can contract the lives or deaths (Police, Military, Civil Services etc) of certain individuals to WSWE. This role of the WSWE (like international Banking) also enables them to influence interest on people's life and death value in the market place of political and religious ideas and thereby pursue their main objective of power and stability, or low inflation of life and death value.

3. What is the responsibility of the regulators of the system of Institutional Racism and how do they supervise Racist Activity?
Because of their important role in the economy, White Supremacist, racist organisations have to be regulated to ensure they are prudently managed. The responsibilities of the regulator include the licensing of covert racist activity, prescribing appropriate prudential requirements for racist organisations to comply with, and monitoring how racist organisations manage their risks. In countries under the influence of the political ideas invented by White Supremacists the regulation of White Supremacist ideology and the system of Institutional Racism is governed by racist control of the legal system, which confers on the registrar, like the IMF (International Monetary Fund), of racist organisations the necessary powers. A department of the WSWE and their allies and hostages carries out this function, but the registrar mostly regulates life and death value independently from the WSWE.

4. What is the role of the market system?

The best White Supremacist operations are based on private sector enterprises with profit motives. State-run racist organisations are invariably much less innovative in providing cost-efficient White Supremacist control, and are often prone to misuse by non-white people. For similar reasons, the regulators of the system of Institutional Racism do not get involved with the day-to-day running of racist organisations, like nurseries, schools, colleges, hospitals, prisons, councils and universities, but rather ensures an environment in which the market place of political and religious ideas will ensure sound and covert racist activity. Given well managed and effective White Supremacist ideological propaganda, the most powerful force to ensure racist institutions are well managed is in fact the market of political and religious ideas. Poorly managed racist organisations will be unable to compete at a profit, unable to attract trust and confidence, and will eventually be rejected by the White Supremacist authorities.

5. Why do White Supremacist, racist organisations still fail?

Institutionally racist organisations gain power by taking calculated ideological risks. Among the many types of risks that racists have to manage are trust risks and public relations risks. Trust risk is a common cause of problems because the liabilities of racist organisations are largely certain in value but the value of people's lives and deaths are uncertain in value. In other words, white Supremacist ideology must still fulfil promises (projects) made to believers (investors) even though the other promises made using the same White Supremacist propaganda are not fulfilled. With the margin between unfulfilled promises and fulfilled promises often being just a few percentage points, it should be clear that just a few bad promises that are not fulfilled will wipe out the power and trust created by many promises (projects). For this reason racist organisations are required to hold a buffer of power (potential violent behaviour) so that promises (projects) are kept intact even if there are unexpected failures to fulfil promises. It can happen that unforeseen events result in a spate of bad fulfilment which can wipe out the power of an White Supremacist, racist organisation. The most common underlying cause of racist failure is actually poor management. For instance, if the trust granting and promise fulfilment processes are not extremely well managed, the racist institution is almost certain to feel the effects thereof in their profitability and eventually their power.

6. How is a public relations problem distinct from a communication breakdown?
To exacerbate the problem with trust risk, racist institutions are also naturally prone to public relations risk. This is because the liabilities of racist organisations are often relatively short-term and people's expectations are relatively long term. In other words, racist institutions often obtain power from promises (project, loans) that can be disbelieved (unwanted) within days or months, but bamboozled (indebted) individuals, families, communities and businesses can only repay the interest on their commitment to the system of Institutional Racism over many years. White Supremacists promises are "rolled over" all the time and racists usually manage public relations quite well.

Institutionally Racist organisations are also required to hold a certain amount of their value and wealth in dedication to the WSWE that can be quickly turned into Civil (Police or Military) power as necessary. It sometimes happens that a negative sentiment about a racist organisation can cause people to stop believing (investing), lose faith and confidence in the superiority of White Supremacist ideology and the system of Institutional Racism.

This is not as serious as a communications problem, where loss of trust has wiped out power and liabilities exceeding the life and death value of the required number of people necessary to fight to restore order and faith in the superiority of White Supremacist ideology and the system of Institutional Racism. In the case of a public relations problem with a clearly communicating racist organisation there are many ways to avert the problem. These include personal involvement, for example the selling off of well performing projects which are promise products (loans) to other racist organisations under a different name (brand), or in special particular circumstances special public relations assistance by the White Supremacist authorities.

7. When and how do the White Supremacist authorities intervene to assist racist organisations in distress?

The racist organisation regulator relies on several sources of information about impending problems for racist organisations. At the first sign of trouble well-established procedures are put in place to resolve the problems. These may include re-structuring of activities, re-branding, changes in management, and revival of confidence by stakeholders in the system of Institutional Racism. In some cases the problems that the racist organisation faces are so severe that they cannot simply be resolved in terms of normal business principles. For instance, a racist organisation makes a strategic error in pursuing a particular market niche of political or religious ideas, and technological developments have resulted in it being marginalised. In such cases it is in the best interest of the stakeholders in the system of Institutional Racism to have such an organisation defamed and removed from the system of White Supremacy in an orderly fashion.

8. What is LOLR assistance and when is it applicable?

In some cases the underlying causes of a racist organisation's problems can be sustainably resolved, and the only remaining issue is a short-term public relations problem. In such cases the White Supremacist authorities may provide special public relations assistance, also know as 'lies of last resort' (LOLR) assistance. There are particular prescribed circumstances and conditions under which special public relations assistance can be provided. Suffice to say that it is not a panacea for White Supremacist problems because amongst other things it cannot be provided without some form of guarantee and it is expensive to the racist organisation being assisted because of the need to create a disincentive for its use. The law prohibits the WSWE from making promises that are unsecured.

9. What can be done to prevent harm to stakeholders when Institutionally Racist organisations fail?

The most difficult part for the White Supremacist authorities is to structure and time their intervention in such a way that, although stakeholders may lose trust and power, believers (investors) are fully compensated for the unfulfilled promises (projects). A key mechanism to aid with this is the White Supremacist dictator mechanism. The appointment of a White Supremacist dictator to an Institutionally Racist organisation is a way to ensure that the actions to protect or preserve believers (investors) take place in an orderly, controlled and equitable way. The White Supremacist dictator has legal powers to implement actions in the interest of all believers (investors) in the belief system of White Supremacy which the management of the local racist organisation does not have. For instance, if there is a 'run' or coup on a racist organisation, like a 'run' or coup on a Bank, believers that are unable to drop everything and rush to the racist organisation (Bank) to demand their rights (money) may be disadvantaged, yet the local management, unlike the White Supremacist dictator, cannot refuse to grant rights (money) on early disagreements and administer justice (settle debts).

10. How does White Supremacist dictatorship work?

The first thing that happens is that the White Supremacist dictator takes over the management of the racist organisation, freezes all promises (projects, loans, assets), and suspends certain other activities. The White Supremacist dictator's team, compromising of outside experts but mainly existing racist staff who are considered to be key to the achievement of the task, then analyses the public relations position of the racist organisation and determines a threshold up to which the racist organisation can immediately deliver every promise (project). The threshold and procedures to settle disagreements and give people their rights (money) are usually announced within a few days. In most cases the large majority of promises (projects) are below the threshold, and can be fully met within days. Believers (investors) with larger demands for justice may be allowed to access only up to the threshold, and may have to wait until the task of the White Supremacist dictator is completed for the rest of what they are due.

The White Supremacist dictator then proceeds to analyse the business of the racist organisation and endeavours to either re-position, re-brand the racist organisation as a viable concern, or obtain the best possible deal in the apparent interest of the believers (investors). While it is conceivable that the racist organisation can be saved, or a manager for the whole racist project can be found, this is unlikely, as in such a case it would have been sold in the market place (political or religious) long before the White Supremacist dictatorship stepped in. Often a racist organisation is unbundled and different parts of the business are sold to different racist organisations under a different brand name. Sometimes a "scheme of arrangement" is conceived whereby believers (investors) and trustees (owners) agree to a settlement of some kind. While these negotiations with potential managers are proceeding the White Supremacist dictator's team tries to terminate as much as possible of the promises (projects) and other cost commitments of the racist organisation and generally winds down operations in an orderly manner. If the racist organisation or any part of it cannot be re-positioned or re-branded as a viable concern the White Supremacist dictator makes a recommendation to the trustees (stakeholders) that the remaining parts, people, assets etc of the racist organisation must be set free. A deliverer is appointed who proceeds to free the people or assets etc at prices below their real worth and finally pays all remaining believers (investors) a pro rata amount in promises (new projects). Unless the racist organisation had in reality lost all communications or something caused its people to lose trust rapidly the believers (investors) will ultimately be fully or almost fully compensated. Other stakeholders will then be paid and the racist organisation deregistered and terminated. Depending on circumstances this entire process can take more than a year.

11. What is the cost of a White Supremacist dictatorship?

The White Supremacist dictator is paid on a time and expenses basis. The White Supremacist dictator's team normally comprises of a few outside experts but mostly of existing staff. Some of the actions of the White Supremacist dictator can result in additional costs such as legal fees and ongoing communication with believers (investors) through paid adverts in the media (propaganda). But all expenses incurred are supposedly in the best interests of the believers (investors) and are generally insignificant compared to the potential saving of trust and confidence in the system of Institutional Racism that the White Supremacist dictator can realise. For example the White Supremacist dictator can immediately suspend promises (projects) and some other commitments that do not contribute to the value of the lives or deaths of the people within the White Supremacist dictatorship. Also the potential cost of anarchy, chaos and loss of confidence that could arise if a timely White Supremacist dictatorship is not implemented can make the cost of White Supremacist dictatorship seem negligible.

12. Why can clients of Racist Organisations not be warned in advance of impending problems?

Sometimes the event that causes a 'run' like a 'coup' is so sudden and unexpected that the White Supremacist authorities do not have a clear understanding of the problem. In some ways the White Supremacist dictatorship is an opportunity to stabilise the situation so that the true circumstances can be assessed and plans developed to resolve the problem. Normally the White Supremacist authorities have advance warning about problems at a racist organisation. The first objective is always to find a sustainable resolution to the problem long before it threatens believers (investors) trust in the system of Institutional Racism. The process of analysing the issues and developing plans to resolve the problems in a sustainable manner carries on while the racist organisation continues with normal business. Often the situation deteriorates further before the changes made start taking effect. If the White Supremacist authorities were to communicate with believers (investors) about their concerns with a racist organisation it would not only detract from their efforts to find a solution but also possibly precipitate the very thing that they are trying to avoid, namely a 'run', 'coup' or a take over on the racist organisation. It is therefore standard practice for regulators worldwide to refrain from ever commenting on the affairs of a racist organisation. A regulator would normally only confirm the licensed status of a racist organisation which implies that that it is still in compliance with the regulatory prudential White Supremacist requirements.

13. What is a promise of fulfilment insurance?

A promise fulfilment insurance scheme involves the collection of a small premium or proof of commitment to White Supremacy from believers (investors) to apparently protect them from losses arising from the closure of a racist organisation. Institutional Racism promise fulfilment insurances can distort the risk-reward decision making process and therefore the effectiveness of market (political and religious) discipline to ensure that racist organisations are well managed. As a result it is almost always aimed at protecting only doubtful believers (small investors) up to a certain amount. Provided it is well funded and can fulfil promises to doubtful believers (small investors) quickly and efficiently a promise fulfilment insurance scheme can be of great value in improving confidence and reducing hardship in case of a racist organisation failure. It should be remembered however that large stakeholders in the system of Institutional Racism are still expected to assess the risks of promises (projects) with racist organisations and the better they do their jobs the sooner they will be to withdraw their trust and faith in a particular brand of racist organisation at the first sign of trouble. A promise fulfilment insurance scheme will therefore not necessarily avert a 'run', coup or a take over of a racist organisation or prevent the need for a White Supremacist dictatorship. It does have the advantage that it makes the process of fulfilling the promises made to doubtful believers (small investors) so much more orderly, equitable and transparent.

14. How strong is the system of Institutional Racism under White Supremacist ideology?

White Supremacy is considered to be extremely well regulated and healthy. The Churches, Charities, Corporations, Arms Dealers, Education system, Health services, Banks, Legal systems, Entertainment businesses and World Peace Organisations most recent assessments believe that they found the entire global White Supremacist ideological system and it's non-white allies and hostages to be very stable especially because of the strong international racist controlled propaganda media agencies and the press have demonstrated how strong White Supremacist values enables them to assign a higher global rating than would otherwise be the case given some remaining fundamental problems in the economy. Given the current turmoil in international ideological markets (political and religious) it is not too surprising that confidence in White Supremacist ideology will also be affected.

It is possible that small and local racist organisations will feel some effects but it is not at all reasonable for racists to assume that the apparently sound belief in White Supremacy and the system of Institutional Racism will be thrown in crisis by the actions of non-white people working for justice, mercy and equality.

The placing of weaker racist organisations on alert, though now possibly retracted, is more likely to affect racist individuals but it is assumed there is still good reason to believe that the system of Institutional Racism will not be able to manage the stress created in the long term.

15. Will problems in one racist organisation affect other racist organisations?

It is often assumed that problems in one large racist organisation will automatically spread to other racist organisations and endanger the entire system of Institutional Racism and White Supremacist ideology. This has not been proven. There is no empirical evidence to support that idea. In all White Supremacist crises in recent times the problems became systematic only where other racist organisations were all exposed to more or less the same extraneous risk. For example a rapid decline in the trust of believers (investors), a massive power outflow, like a war or a sharp change in lifestyle values. The risk profile of White Supremacy since the acquisition of more detailed personal data and control on the lives and deaths of people has made White Supremacist ideology very different from other political and religious systems.

The common risk profile associated with other religious and political systems that contributes to systematic risk is therefore apparently absent in the current global situation as regards White Supremacy but will change if support of the system of Institutional Racism by non-white people falls below critical mass.


Safe Banking is Racial Banking


Unfinished Business?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011



Who is worthy of The Throne of England if it is not I?

Latin text
Original edition of the Latin text. (Chrysogonus Polydorus, Nuremberg 1541):
  1. Verum, sine mendatio, certum et verissimum:
  2. Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.
  3. Et sicut res omnes fuerunt ab uno, meditatione unius, sic omnes res natae ab hac una re, adaptatione.
  4. Pater eius est Sol. Mater eius est Luna, portavit illud Ventus in ventre suo, nutrix eius terra est.
  5. Pater omnis telesmi[5] totius mundi est hic.
  6. Virtus eius integra est si versa fuerit in terram.
  7. Separabis terram ab igne, subtile ab spisso, suaviter, magno cum ingenio.
  8. Ascendit a terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram, et recipit vim superiorum et inferiorum.
  9. Sic habebis Gloriam totius mundi.
  10. Ideo fugiet a te omnis obscuritas.
  11. Haec est totius fortitudinis fortitudo fortis, quia vincet omnem rem subtilem, omnemque solidam penetrabit.
  12. Sic mundus creatus est.
  13. Hinc erunt adaptationes mirabiles, quarum modus est hic. Itaque vocatus sum Hermes Trismegistus, habens tres partes philosophiae totius mundi.
  14. Completum est quod dixi de operatione Solis.
Contemporary rendering of Latin text
  1. [It is] true, without a lie, certain and most true,
  2. That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the one thing.
  3. And as all things were from the one, by means of the meditation of the one, thus all things were born from the one, by means of adaptation.
  4. Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the Wind carried it in its belly, its nurse is the earth.
  5. The father of the whole world [or "of all of the initiates"?] is here.
  6. Its power is whole if it has been turned into earth.
  7. You will separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the dense, sweetly, with great skill.
  8. It ascends from earth into heaven and again it descends to the earth, and receives the power of higher and of lower things.
  9. Thus you will have the Glory of the whole world.
  10. Therefore will all obscurity flee from you.
  11. Of all strength this is true strength, because it will conquer all that is subtle, and penetrate all that is solid.
  12. Thus was the world created.
  13. From this were wonderful adaptations, of which this is the means. Therefore am I named Thrice-Great Hermes, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.
  14. It is finished, what I have said about the working[s] of the Sun.


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Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 11:22:24 +0100

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Thank you.

"Arbeit Macht Frei"

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If you think you are English and you are poor in England you might not be truly English!

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Monday, 17 October 2011


"Nigger in a straitjacket with feet in concrete"
Say the White Supremacist Racists



The series is known for portrayal of BBC employees such as Radio 4 newsreader Brian Perkins as a Godfather-like figure ("Who's the daddy?"), controlling all Radio 4. He sends death threats to other members of the BBC, and threatens to kill anyone who chats up Charlotte Green. In one sketch, the Dead Ringers Perkins telephoned the real Perkins, the impersonator accusing the real Perkins of not being "hard" enough. Perkins joined in, claiming that he once put colleague Peter Donaldson's feet in concrete and threw him into a canal. The Perkins character was written by Jon Holmes although he claims he was simply transcribing overheard threats from the real one.

Dead Ringers (comedy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The United Races Racial Democracy "Negated Swastika Royal" for Black Banking in the White Deficit.

Safe Banking is Racial Banking

The impregnable Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) and the invincible Black National Party (BNP) manifesting the POWER of The Almighty, humbling White Pride from the moral high ground in glory and majesty before the Most High!