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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Black, Brown and White


". . . . . . . . . As soon as the announcements were made, the meeting descended into chaos as the camp's open-to-all policy of speaking showed up an unavoidable flaw.

The microphone was taken by a very eccentric middle-aged man who had spent the morning dressed in a sort of makeshift clerical costume on the steps of St Paul's shouting out a seemingly harmless if utterly unintelligible message about racial politics. After a few minutes of near-gibberish, it became clear he wouldn't stop, and shouts of "Enough!" went unheeded.

Eventually he was gently but forcibly steered away. "Is this because I'm black?" he yelled. "No," came a response from the crowd, "it's because you're an arse."






". . . . . The limits of open democracy were on display at today's 1:30 general assembly meeting, an open forum to discuss Occupy business. A fellow of African ancestry dressed in dark robes and a very odd crown effectively hijacked the meeting with a comic rant based on his "Holy Book of Racial Government."
After five minutes he was politely asked to sit down. He refused. There followed a stand-off and then organizers tried to hustle him away. "Is it because I'm black?" he laughed, refusing to step aside. The police watched and didn't move."



". . . . I went down for a bit today to give it another go/chance - after battling my way past a group of people holding a big cross and chanting about Jesus I met a (the?) representative from the British Racial Democratic Party who had centre stage on the steps in front of the cathedral and was promoting their holy book on racial government while also taking the time to give us their thoughts on the evils of homosexuality

This all went one without anyone saying a thing to the guy or telling him to fuck off - I asked him what he was about but couldn't make sense of anything he said

All in all not a great advert for things (not so much the loonies themselves who are bound to pop up everywhere at these things, but the tolerance of them by the camp itself - i tried to speak to the guy about the homophobia thing but there was no sense being made, so it seems everyone just seemed happy to let him have centre stage and push his homophobic shit)"




Big Bill Broonzy: Black, Brown and White


The impregnable Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) and the invincible Black National Party (BNP) manifesting the POWER of The Almighty, thundering righteousness, humbling White Pride from the moral high ground in glory and majesty before the Most High!