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Friday, 29 June 2012

IC1 White European and IC2 Dark European New Racial Partition Map

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The New Racial Partition Map of europe.

The new racial partition map of europe as managed by the United Races Racial Democratic Movement for the greater good.

In politics, a partition is a change of political borders cutting through at least one territory considered a homeland by some community.[1] That change is done primarily by diplomatic means, and use of military force is negligible.[citation needed]
Common arguments for partitions include:
  • historicist — that partition is inevitable, or already in progress[1]
  • last resort — that partition should be pursued to avoid the worst outcomes (genocide or large-scale ethnic expulsion), if all other means fail[1]
  • cost-benefit — that partition offers a better prospect of conflict reduction than the if existing borders are not changed[1]
  • better tomorrow — that partition will reduce current violence and conflict, and that the new more homogenized states will be more stable[1]
  • rigorous end — heterogeneity leads to problems, hence homogeneous states should be the goal of any policy[1]
Common arguments against include:
  • It disrupts functioning and traditional state entities
  • It creates enormous human suffering
  • It creates new grievances that could eventually lead to more deadly violence, such as the Korean and Vietnamese wars.
  • It prioritizes race and ethnicity to a level acceptable only to an apartheid regime
  • The international system is very reluctant to accept the idea of partition in deeply divided societies

IC1 and IC2 european partition for the greater good.

Now watch this partition take place in an orderly, peaceful, dignified and noble manner as a result of the power of The Almighty made manifest by the Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) working effectively together with the Black National Party BNP.



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