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Monday, 30 July 2012

PRI (Police Racial Interaction) system

Stop and Search: EHRC warns ‘Racial profiling’ must end [1.5217391304348]
Make money with PRI (Police Racial Interaction)

How much would it cost to develop some Police Racial Interaction (PRI) software using the United Races Holy Book of Racial Government code combinations to track and analyse stop and account/search records?

The Police Racial Interaction (PRI) software data would include the United Races Holy Book of Racial Government code combinations for the Police Officer/s present and the suspects stopped.

We would pay per thousand interactions.


pry 1 play_w2("P0628100") (prPosted Image)
intr.v. pried (prPosted Imaged), pry·ing, pries (prPosted Imagez)
To look or inquire closely, curiously, or impertinently: was always prying into the affairs of others.
n. pl. pries (prPosted Imagez)
1. The act of prying.
2. An excessively or impertinently inquisitive person.
[Middle English prien.]
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tr.v. pried (prPosted Imaged), pry·ing, pries (prPosted Imagez)
1. To raise, move, or force open with a lever.
2. To obtain with effort or difficulty: pried a confession out of the suspect.
n. pl. pries (prPosted Imagez)
Something, such as a crowbar, that is used to apply leverage.

We would be able to produce charts similar to this one for analysis.

Posted Image


The information would be classified for use only by the Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) working together with the Black National Party (BNP).