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Monday, 24 August 2015

B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive

B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive

As you all should know by now the Afrikans with a “K” have hijacked the Africans with a “C”. This situation has to be corrected and identity must be clarified before we can launch an effective campaign against the White Supremacists.

Following our successful Anti-Afrikan offensive where we got rid of the iNAPP and redirected the resources and finances back into the IC3 Black community we are about to launch a new Anti-Afrikan Offensive. 

The previous successful Anti-Afrikan Offensive used the “iNAPP, youNAPP, theyNAPP, weNAPP”, “No Hard Feelings” and “Drop the Afrikan” slogans to great effect.

“No Hard Feelings” "No Offense"

B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive

This new B-DAY (IC3 Black Day) Anti-Afrikan Offensive is styled after the D-Day landings.

The Afrikans are in disarray and are trying to reorganise themselves to meet the coming main B-Day Anti-Afrikan Offensive.

The new B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive will have three (3) Ethnic prongs:

M1 Mixed-Race White and Black Caribbean people
M2 Mixed-Race White and Black African people

B9 Black Other people

B1 Black Caribbean people
B2 Black African people

All Racial and Ethnic Regiments will stay in strict formation moving forward using the “inner map” to guide them safely through the dangerous religious, political and ideological defended territory cunningly constructed by the White Supremacists. The “inner map” of the Race and Ethnicity Codes has been distributed to all the divisional commanders. 

The Ethnic divisions are not divided in the ultimate goal which is to neutralise the power of White Supremacist ideology and practice.

We are well aware of our weak point which is to let the Afrikans find out the time and place of the B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive. Strict silence will be maintained until the very last moment of the B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive so that the operation will not be compromised and that Afrikans will not have enough time to organise an effective defence or counter-attack.

A successful B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive will open the way to the main target, White Supremacy.

We have commandeered a number of resources in the Enfield and Tottenham areas which are necessary for the B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive.

Those of you who are interested in getting involved in the B-DAY Anti-Afrikan Offensive can meet our recruiters at Conscious Corner Tottenham N15 where after passing through the necessary vetting processes and examinations you may be trained to drive a Think Tank or fly a Fair Craft.

Books at Conscious Corner

We all need to learn our Race and Ethnicity codes and work together in Racially and Ethnically organised divisions against White Supremacy. We must wear our Race and Ethnicity codes as a kind of ideological temporary uniform for the battle against White Supremacy. Everyone must behave in an orderly manner. No disorderly group of 'darkies' stands a chance against the White Supremacists. The disorderly non-white mobs will continue to get mowed down by the Racist machine gunners and their corpses displayed in the media.

That is all for now.

Kind regards

John Canoe

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