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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


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22 OCTOBER 2012

Public meeting date 22 October - 7pm
Location: The John Loughborough School, Holcombe Road, N17 9AD

The White Supremacist Racists are the smartest, cleverest, most sophisticated, most deceptive and most ruthless people in the known world.

Come and see how the Black National Party (BNP) tackle the White Supremacist Racists, their Black and non-white hostages and those Black and non-white people who have been made stupid, dizzy, deluded, confused and severely retarded about what Racism is and how Racism works as a result of White Supremacist Racist conditioning since childhood.

You White Supremacist Racists know you are getting weaker every 24 hours. We know you White people want the Holy Book of Racial Government but you are not going to get it until you humble yourselves and recognise the manifestation of the power of The Almighty in the United Races.


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Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 08:53:48 +0100
Subject: HARINGEY RACE WAR - The John Loughborough School

" The John Loughborough School is at a critical juncture in its history, as it strives to work with the Local Authority and the Department of Education to provide continuing education for the children in its district.

At such a critical time, we are dismayed to have seen recent Email messages from external parties not connected with the school, seeking to use this time to perpetuate their own ideals and objectives.

We strenuously object to our school being associated with any of the actions detailed in the Email messages, and we would urge those parties concerned to seek an alternative arena to pursue their aims and objectives.

The John Loughborough School is an inclusive multinational school where cultural diversity is wholeheartedly embraced, and where creed or colour is not a barrier to success.

Race is not a war we fight, race is a journey we all experience.

We continue to be committed to providing high quality education and a strong Christian ethos and moral compass for our pupils, equipping them not only for a future of success but to also be valued contributors to society.

We welcome all legitimate support which follows the democratic process in which we are engaged.

The hopes of tomorrow can often diminish the pains of today.”

Berton Samuel
Acting Chair, John Loughborough School

Verona Hoilett
PA to the Head
The John Loughborough SDA School
Holcombe Road
N17 9AD

Tel: 0208 808 7837/0563
Fax: 020 8801 6719
E: secretary@johnloughborough.haringey.sch.uk