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Monday, 15 October 2012


British Racist Social Engineering is the best in the known world.

British Racist Social Engineering is so God good if you can see it you can't hear it.

British Racist Social Engineering is so God good if you can hear it you can't see it.

British Racist Social Engineering is so God good if you can feel it you can't see it or hear it.

British Racist Social Engineering is White Government with God good manners, silence and the abscence of Racist argument, the mysterious harnessing of Supreme White power in a violent living machine with supreme efficiency.

"RRR" is code for "Rolls Royce Racist"

"RRR" means the person is an undisputed member of the smart, clever, sophisticated, deceptive, ruthless and powerful White Supremacist Racist club. A White person that Black and non-white people, who have been made stupid, dizzy, deluded, confused and severely retarded about what Racism is and how Racism works as a result of White Supremacist Racist conditioning since childhood, would trust implicitly.

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"Spirit of Ecstasy" on a Rolls-Royce Corniche

He turned to Charles Sykes, a young artist friend and a graduate of London's Royal College of Art, to produce a mascot which would adorn all future Rolls-Royce cars and become generic to the marque, with the specifications that it should convey "the spirit of the Rolls-Royce, namely, speed with silence, absence of vibration, the mysterious harnessing of great energy and a beautiful living organism of superb grace..."[2]


United Races is Racial Social Engineering (Racialism) with ettiquette, civilised conversation and the abundance of Racial Equality discussion, the mysterious harnessing of the great power of The Almighty in a peaceful living machine of superb grace.


This just gets better every 24 hours.

We got it and you White people are not going to get it until you humble yourselves.