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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pepukayi House



Let's build a centre for Inspiration in Tottenham

Can you help us raise the £30,000 needed to take this pioneering development to planning?

"This is so much more than an exciting new building"
"Organising ourselves to develop community assets we, and our youths can be proud of, this is a step in the right direction"

So, who are 'we'?

'We' are 7 well-meaning community campaigners who have taken our roles as 'activists' quite literally.
Although 'we' came together from different walks of life (a Retired Project Development Manager, a Media Professional, an Engineer, a Wholesale Book Distributor, a Book Store Owner, a University Lecturer and a Community Sports Mentor) between us we have the right mix of passion, skills and attributes to ensure this venture is a resounding success but most importantly 'we' are all bound by one main concern:

What about the children?What lasting legacy is being left for our children?

In spite of the 2011 youth uprising, it seems many have no empathy for the plight of our young. These turbulent economic times have seen our cash strapped councils looking at ways to supplement government cuts, many things we enjoyed as youths are being snatched away from our youngest generations; our parks are being sold off to private property developers- some even charging children to access them, most of the community centres and youth clubs have gone too, libraries are having to shut or drastically reduce their hours and stock, even public artworks are being sold off to the highest bidder!
It seems to be a pretty bleak time to be a child right now. So we want to offer some hope to our youths, we want them to feel appreciated, celebrated and proud of the inspiration they provide to the older generations.
Mostly, we want this building to be kept firmly out of council/government hands; we want this building to be a building by the people for the people.
We want people from all walks of life to enjoy this space; and to be inspired, stimulated, involved in debates, lectures, and to be able to explore, have access to, and be exposed to alternatives to 'popular/mainstream', whether books, films, cuisine, poetry or musical entertainment.


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Please view the list of rewards and get involved!



Our building is a bit of a wreck, but it's the best we could afford so we have to work with it. Our first mission is to secure the building. It is in a very bad state of disrepair and is quite accessible to anyone with a little determination. As its stands we have NO planning permission so, while we get to work on securing the building from human and safety issues we will engage with the professionals: planners, architects, developers, surveyors. This will enable us to determine our strategy moving forward with the site as either a re-rehab or a demolish and re-build.
Our goal is to raise a minimum amount of £30,000; based on the estimates provided below, £30,000 is the amount we need to cover all the required technical checks and provisions to enable us to take the project to (and through) the planning process:

Estimated Project Cost Fees Estimate
Pre-application advice £900.00
Planning application fee £6,160.00
Planning consultants £4,000.00
Structural engineers (part service) £2,000.00
Daylight assessment report £3,000.00
Soil survey £2,500.00
Air quality study £2,500.00
Topographical survey May be required
Sustainability report £2,500.00
Traffic report £2,000.00
Viability study £1,500.00

Many innovative means to ensure sustainability have been discussed, these plans too will need to be audited and looked into by development professionals to determine their feasibility. This too will add further to the cost.

If we exceed our goal of £30,000, our next goal is £100,000; with this sum we could pay an architect to design our iconic, sustainable structure. Our quote for this service was estimated at (very roughly):
Architects fee 2.5% = £56,250.00
Surpassing the £100,000 goal would be fabulous; but there is still need for greater funds; with £150,000 the site can be demolished and with planning permission, we'd have the go ahead to begin building.
£250,000 would enable us to secure the site indefinitely.

...And your rewards…

Be sure to select your reward early as we have some amazing but limited perks available as rewards for your much needed contributions including:
A tree (with name plaque) in your honour planted on site- Your tree will be unveiled at a unique ceremony, your engraved plaque revealed, your picture taken, framed and placed on the founders wall. This is a very, very exclusive perk, so please hurry!
A bench (with name plaque) in your honour on site- Your wood bench will be unveiled at a unique ceremony, your engraved plaque revealed, your picture taken, framed and placed on the founders wall. This is a very limited perk, please hurry.

A Unique Juice 'Cocktail' Blend named in your honour on the menu- Your drink will be served and introduced during a unique ceremony, and will be available for patrons to order in the Juice Bar. *Includes business or personal name(s), subject to approval- nothing which may cause offense acceptable.

‘Beautiful Tottenham’ Calendar- A superb gift or souvenir for anyone with an interest in London. Expertly captured images of 'unseen' Tottenham by K.W.Photography.
Personalised rap over African or Caribbean Inspired beat- Remember to leave your name or business for this once in a lifetime freestyle rap in your honour over a unique African inspired drum 'riddim'.
Pepukayi House, London T-Shirt - Peh-poo-kai- Comes from the Shona Language of Zimbabwe meaning Eyes Open/Awake. Be the first to get this specially designed Tee, remember to state your size...check for the update coming soon for more details and pics

Commemorative Certificate- Forever remember (as we will) the contribution you made to the Pepukayi House & MaMaat Centre project. Long after it has been built. Keep the beautifully designed certificate to show future generations that you played your part! Available in E (Electronic) format or Hard Copy (Card).
Twitter/ Facebook Shouts- Allow us to cement the partnership electronically.

This project WILL happen, so all donations are worthwhile! If we do not reach our goal of £30,000 the money we have raised will go towards securing the existing structure.


This centre will be a vital part of the community and a key service for the residents of Tottenham and beyond. Not only will this be a centre for inspiration and fun, it will help open young eyes to possibilities, help them release their potential and open the doors to opportunity.
Other Ways You Can Help
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Team on This Campaign:

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