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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


In these perilous times only the BritDems can be trusted to look after the interests of White people.

". . . the Queen said: "My government's legislative programme will be based upon the principles of freedom, fairness and responsibility."


Fair = White
"Fair" means "white"
"Fair" does not mean just. It does not mean justice. It does not mean correct or correctness. It is always incorrect to use the word "fair", the word "just", the word "justice", or the word "correct", as if they all mean the same.

To do so may lead many people to believe that "fair" means "justice", and that "fair", "justice", and "white", mean the same thing.

Thus, some people may be lead to believe that "white" people are "fair" people, and that "fair" people are people who practice justice.                                                      

It is best, therefore, to use the word "fair" to mean "white" - and only to mean "white". The word "fair" should never be used to mean justice or correctness.


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