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Thursday, 26 January 2012

CHESHUNT BRITDEM £1000 WHITE POWER DISCUSSION GROUPS Afternoons 2pm to 4pm and Evenings 5pm to 7pm

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Subject: CHESHUNT BRITDEM £1000 WHITE POWER DISCUSSION GROUPS Afternoons 2pm to 4pm and Evenings 5pm to 7pm
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:32:19 +0000


Turners Hill
Waltham Cross

CHESHUNT BRITDEM £1000 WHITE POWER DISCUSSION GROUPS Afternoons 2pm to 4pm and Evenings 5pm to 7pm

Discussion Group 1 Are you IC1 White European?
Discussion Group 2 Are you IC2 Dark European?
Discussion Group 3 Are you Aryan or Iranian?
Discussion Group 4 Are you White or Jewish?
Discussion Group 5 Are you Turkish or Kurdish?
Discussion Group 6 Are you Northern Irish or British?
Discussion Group 7 Open

Please get your facts correct.
Please think carefully before you speak.
Please behave in an orderly and civilised manner.
Please check the library opening times for the BritDem £1000 White Power area discussion groups you wish to attend.

"I always tell the truth . . . . even when I lie"

Are you all satisfied now?
What more do you all want?