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Friday, 17 January 2014

Racial Apology Enfield Council

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Subject: Racial Apology Enfield Council
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 12:07:07+0000

To: By Post
Mr C Bullworthy
London Borough of Enfield
PO Box 63
Civic Centre
Silver Street

- - - - - - - - - - - Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Reference: 22005464 and 58152072

Dear Mr C Bullworthy, Benefits Operational Manager,

Thank you for your letter dated 13 January 2014.

You wrote:

". . . . . . . it is not The Bungalow that should be the subject of our enquiry. Please accept my apologies for this error."

I am a Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR. (See attached British Government Race and Ethnicity Codes.)
I am a innocent victim of Racism which is the same as White Supremacy.
I can not accept your apologies until I am convinced that your apologies are genuine.

I suspect that this is a White Supremacist Racist effort to make me homeless.
I need to exercise "due diligence" when tackling situations that might involve White Supremacist Racists.
I need to know if White Supremacist Racists have impacted the decision making processes to do with my Housing.

You wrote:

"As regards your questions directed to Mr Smith, I can assure you that your benefit was not suspended and cancelled due to your race . . . . . . ."

I am not assured.
You, Mr C Bullworthy, are a White Supremacist Racist suspect.

1. How can you assure me, a Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR, an innocent victim of White Supremacy?
2. What are the assurance procedures for assuring a Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR?
3. What compensation/reparation is due for this suspect Racist error?
4. Are you, Mr C Bullworthy, a White person? (Please use attached British Government Race and Ethnicity Codes )
5. Are you, Mr C Bullworthy, a Racist? (Yes or No)
6. Do you, Mr C Bullworthy, think that I am a 'Stupid Black Monkey'? (Yes or No)
7. Do you, Mr C Bullworthy, think that I am a 'Crazy Nigger'? (Yes or No)
8. Do you, Mr C Bullworthy, think that I am 'Golliwog the Jaded Dog'? (Yes or No)

9. Do you, Mr C Bullworthy, think that I am a 'Bastard Negro'? (Yes or No)



Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, there are no poor English people in England?
The true English people know who the English people are.
The English people look after each other.
There are many people who want to be English.
There are many fake English people.
All English people are members of the English White Order.

If you are poor in England and you think that you are English you better do some research and get your facts right.



The White Supremacist Racists have the smartest, cleverest, most sophisticated, most deceptive, most ruthless and most powerful members club / network in the known world.


Black and non-white people have been made stupid, dizzy, deluded, confused and severely retarded about what Racism is and how Racism works as a result of White Supremacist Racist conditioning since childhood.

The way that you, Mr C Bullworthy, manage this case will give Black people an insight into the culture and ethos of Enfield Council. If you cannot or will not answer the questions I have asked, please will you forward them to your Superior.

The impregnable Race Equality Secret Service (RESS) is working effectively together with the invincible Black National Party (BNP), from the moral high ground in righteousness, to encourage White people to put aside, White Supremacist Racist pride, worldwide, as they know they should, for the greater good, in the neighbourhood.
By the way the Black National Party (BNP) has a new Twitter Account: @IC3BlackEurope.

The White Supremacist Racists have the smartest, cleverest, most sophisticated, most deceptive, most ruthless and most powerful members club / network in the known world.


The White people of Britain are encouraged to join the "Brit Dems" (British Racial Democratic Party) and sort themselves out for Racial Equality.


The White people of Europe are now being warned to study the European Racial Partition map of Europe and sort themselves out for Racial Justice.



European Racial Partition:





Kind regards


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Black Male, IC3,B9,BEUR




Source: http://www.education.gov.uk/escs-isb/standardslibrary/a0077051/ethnicity-data-standard