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Tuesday, 6 March 2012



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Do not engage in so-called "homosexual" anti-sexual acts, and do not, in any way, encourage others to do so. Do not speak and/or act as if such acts should be regarded as trivial, comical, or harmless.Reason(s)/Explanation(s):
So-called "homosexuality" is anti-sexual.

"Anti-sexual intercourse" is incorrect. To attempt to engage in what is oftimes called "love-making" by using the "sex organs" to penetrate the bodies of persons of the same sex is incorrect.

Such acts are incorrect in the same way that using the "sex organs" of a person to penetrate the body of a cat, dog, or deer, is incorrect. Such acts are incorrect in the same way that using the "sex organs" of a person to penetrate the body of the sister, brother, or mother of that person is incorrect. Such acts are incorrect in the same way that using the "sex organs" of a person to penetrate the body of a deceased person is incorrect.
"Anti-sexual intercourse" is not an expression of "love". This so-called "homosexual" act, is none other than an expression of acute insanity resulting from some form of acute imbalance of the mind and/or body.
In racial matters, it is the White Supremacists (Racists) who are the greatest promoters of anti-sexual intercourse among non-white people. They promote this behavior by direct participation as well as by direct and indirect example or influence.

Many non-white males function as so-called "homo-sexuals" [anti-sexuals] in an attempt to compensate for their fear of the Racist Man and Racist Woman. Many non-white males fear having to pretend "manhood" when confronted with the possibility of opposing Racist Man or Racist Woman for some reason or another. They sense a danger in even acting like "men", when in the presence of white men or white women who may be Racists. They therefore choose to escape the "test" of "manhood" in it's popular socio¬material sense, and, instead, present themselves before white people as "mannish boys" or as imitation females. These non-white males believe that by appearing before the awesome White Nation as "females", the White Supremacists will consider them to be more of an amusement than a potential threat.

In a socio-material system dominated by White Supremacists, the supreme and only functional test of so-called "manhood" for a non-white male is the manner in which the non-white male conducts himself in his relationships to the White Supremacist Man (Racist Man). By speaking and/or acting as "entertainers", or as some form of sexually weak or sexually confused servant, many non¬white males seek to make themselves exempt from the direct hostility of Racist Man. Many other non-white males attempt to avoid this hostility by pretending to be female. By pretending to be female, they then proceed to act as if their reason for existence is to participate in a series of trivial fads, fashions, fun, and "girlie" games, and that there is no need to be concerned about questions of non-white "man-hood" as it relates to White Supremacy and the promotion of justice or injustice.

As long as White Supremacy (Racism) exists, do not criticize, or complain about, anything, that any person does in sexual matters, if you, yourself, are engaging in any act of sexual, or so-called "homosexual", intercourse with any white person.Reason(s)/Explanation(s):
Sexual intercourse, "sexual play", and/or so-called "homosexual" [anti-sexual] intercourse, between any white person, and any non-white person, under conditions dominated by White Supremacy (Racism), has a worst effect on the promotion of justice, than any other form of people activity.

As long as White Supremacy exists, all such activity between white persons and non-white persons is worse than acts of sexual intercourse between a person and a sheep, between father and daughter, between mother and son, between sister and brother, etc.

Because sexual activity has such a strong influence on the way that people think and act in all other areas of activity, any sexual activity, and/or any attempted sexual activity [as aforementioned], between white persons and non-white persons, under conditions dominated by Racism, has the effect of doing more to help maintain Racism, than all other acts combined.

Such activity is also the most powerful means of maintaining and refining injustice of all kinds among the people of the known universe.

Therefore, if a person does not express disapproval of sexual intercourse, of "sexual play", and/or of so-called "homosexual" intercourse, between white persons and non-white persons [under conditions dominated by White Supremacy], that person is not justified in expressing disapproval of anything, that anybody does, that directly, or indirectly, pertains to sex."

Neely Fuller Jr