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Thursday, 12 April 2012

OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER and THE BNP (The Black National Party)

Such “speaking truth to power” is obviously fraught with danger—so much so, that the editorial collective and some of our writers must remain anonymous. We look forward to a future where such tactics will not be necessary. In the meantime, we will do all we can to provide a worldview that is simultaneously intellectually stimulating, scientifically defensible, and pregnant with implications for the future.

Operation Black Vote (OBV)

Black Londoners to hold largest Mayoral hustings

In what is likely to be one of the largest Mayoral Hustings during this often acrimonious contest a coalition of Black leaders including church and business leaders, activists, faith group's others will be hosting a rally/hustings to help decide who will be next Mayor for London. Given that BME communities across the capital make up a third of all Londoners if our collective vote could be a deciding factor.
With issues ranging from transport, policing, young people, the socio economic regeneration of London alongside a discussion on health, wellbeing and planning permission this event is earmarked to be a watershed for Black Britain to decide who best matches their aspirations for London’s future.
Help us make this an event that not only demonstrates that our communities demand a say in the governance of our capital, but also right across the country.
We need all of you to be there to send an unequivocal message that we demand to be listened to; we demand greater social and racial justice.
Register here to reserve your place
Date: Thursday 12th April 2012
Address: The Gaumont Theatre, Ruach Minsitries, 197-199 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7HY
Doors open: 6.00pm

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