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Friday, 6 December 2013

RACIST INCIDENT - Commonwealth Secretariat 6/12/2013

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Subject: RACIST INCIDENT - Commonwealth Secretariat 6/12/2013
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 16:19:42 +0000

Commonwealth Secretariat
Marlborough House
Pall Mall
London SW1Y 5HX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7747 6500
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7930 0827

- - - - - - -     - - - - - - - - -, Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR
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Middlesex EN3 6LT

Date: 06 December 2013

Subject: RACIST INCIDENT - Commonwealth Secretariat 6/12/2013

Dear Commonwealth Secretariat,

I am a Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR. Please see attached illustrated British Government Race and Ethnicity Codes.
I am an innocent victim of Racism, White Supremacist Racist activity.
Today I made a visit to the Commonwealth Secretariat to investigate how Race Relations is managed in the Commonwealth Secretariat as part of my job seeking activity.
Date: 6 December 2013
Name: - - - - - - - -       - - - - - - - - -
Organisation: Black National Party (BNP)
Visiting: HRU (Human Rights Unit)
Time In: 13:00
Time Out: 13:40
Security Badge Number: 02752
I went into reception and was greeted by two (2), Male, IC3, Black Receptionists / Security Guards who were very helpful when I explained that I was doing research into the impact of Racism on the Commonwealth. One of the IC3, Black Security Guards made a few telephone calls to find out the best person for me to speak to, gave me a badge and escorted me over to a grand building where I was ushered past two (2) Security Guards, an IC1, White / North European, and an IC2, Dark / South European, and introduced to, Ms Diana Copper, a White Woman, IC2, W9, (English and Italian, Mixed White, she said), a Human Rights Adviser.
I asked Ms Diana Copper, the White Woman, a few questions about how the Commonwealth Secretariat works with the British Government in regard to Race Relations. Ms Diana Copper, the White Woman, said she was not a spokesperson for the Commonwealth Secretariat and that I should take her card and write in with any questions. I asked Ms Diana Copper, the White Woman, if she was a Racist and she said; "No". I asked her if she would put that in writing on the back of her business card. She said; "No". Our conversation was rudely interrupted by Simon Gimson, a White Man, IC1, W9 (South African accent), Director & Head Secretary-General's Office. I asked him for his business card and he gave me his business card. I asked him if he was a Racist, he refused to answer the question and called the IC2, Dark / South European, Security Guard to have me removed from the grand building.
On leaving the IC2, Dark / South European, Security Guard told the IC1, White / North European, Security Guard that he should remember my face and that I was not to be allowed into the grand building ever again.

The way I have been treated by the Commonwealth Secretariat has caused me to suspect that the Commonwealth Secretariat has problems with Race Relations and that there has been a White Supremacist Racist 'cover-up' by the Commonwealth Secretariat with regard to the issue/subject of Race Relations, the British Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

As a result of the behaviour of the White people, in the grand building, at the Commonwealth Secretariat, I feel Racially abused, distressed and harassed.
Please would you let me know who I should contact to get an apology and reparations?
Is the Commonwealth Secretariat aware that Nelson Mandela has died?

Kind regards

- - - - - -    - - - - - - - -, Black Male, IC3, B9, BEUR.


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Source: http://www.education.gov.uk/escs-isb/standardslibrary/a0077051/ethnicity-data-standard